Caring Ministries

Caring Ministries

We have various ministries that are able to support you in times of illness and grief. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any prayers or concerns you might have.

Caring Prayer List and Prayer Requests

Each week, we choose several persons from our Laurel family to remember in our prayers. This list is known as our Caring Prayer List and the names can be found in the latest addition of your Laurel Leaf and each weekend in the Sunday bulletin.

We also ask that you remember those whom you are aware of who face physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Do you or a loved one need the support of prayer? Please let us know.

Click Here to send a confidential e-mail describing your prayer request or concern.

Parish Visiting

Pastoral care is provided to those persons who are hospitalized, homebound, in retirement homes, or in nursing homes. Because of privacy laws we are not informed about admissions to hospitals or nursing homes, unless you give permission. Please call or have someone call us when you enter a hospital or nursing home so that we can visit you and keep you in our prayers.

The Caring Ministry Team also plans special projects for this group. Such as delivering bouquets of fresh flowers in July and Valentine cards in February. We hope these gestures brighten their day and lets them know we are thinking of them.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a lay ministry of one-on-one caring provided by trained persons. More than 70 Stephen Ministers and leaders have been trained and commissioned here at Laurel. Currently, 14 ministers and two leaders are actively serving our church and community.

This Christian listening ministry provides support and encouragement. Stephen Ministers receive extensive training and then are commissioned by the congregation.

In times of needs, a Stephen Minister will meet one-to-one with a care receiver of the same gender to show their christian care through listening, supporting, encouraging, and prayer. Confidentiality is maintained in each meeting with your Stephen Minister. These meetings continue for as long as the care receiver benefits from the relationship.

It is the Stephen Ministers goal to bring God’s love and healing power to those who are:

  • Grieving
  • In crisis
  • In need of long-term care
  • Dying
  • Hospitalized
  • Divorcing
  • Experiencing losses as they age
  • Going through the crisis of a child birth
  • The family and friends of people in crisis

Stephen Ministry is Christ caring for people through people. Our ministers are the caregivers, God is the cure giver. To request assistance from a Stephen Minister, please e-mail Rev. Dr. Kent Lolling.


Van Ministry

We offer pick-up for the 9:30 worship/Sunday School hour and drop-off following the 10:45 worship hour each Sunday morning.  Please contact the church office (525-1866) for more information.