Youth Ministry 2020

Introducing XP3!!   As much as we want “normal”, we are not there yet.  We need to find creative ways to do Faith Formation at home!!!  (Faith Formation, at one time known as Sunday School.)  We want to inspire deeper faith and find messages that help us to connect and make abstract ideas and concepts concrete.  There is  XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School.  Each  Lesson posted will contain a Video, Devotional material for the week which you can print or download the app plus a parent page.  We want parents to have a positive influence in the spiritual development of their kids and encourage families to strengthen their faith together.   The goal is to grow in faith with God and with each other. With this new material we plan to include round table discussions with each of the youth leaders.  Some in person (Court Yard or Fellowship hall with safety) and some by way of Zoom ( I know that you are all tired of screen time and who thought that would happen??).

If you find a subject that you want to dig into more deeply and need more resources? Contact JoAnn Overholt at Laurel United Methodist Church.