November Acts of Kindness

1.   Send a handwritten “encouraging word” note card to one person, every day, in November.

2.   Spend time intentionally listening to someone who needs a friend…ask questions that elicit more than “yes/no” answers.

3.   Ask 10 neighbors to donate non-perishable food. Collect the food and donate it to Kumler Outreach Ministries food pantry or one of your choice.

4.   Bring a care package to a co-worker who needs up lifting. (Ideas could include cookies, teas, coffee, etc.)

5.   Find out what supplies would be helpful to your child’s teacher and donate them.

6.   Reach out to your child’s teacher to see what they need help with.

7.   Write a thank you note to your mail person and leave it in the box for them to find.

8.   Politely change the topic when office talk goes negative.

9.   Stand up for others when office talk goes negative and then intentionally befriend that person.

10. Be kind and loving towards a person who others ignore.

11.  Introduce yourself to a neighbor that you’ve never met.

12. Tell your parents how much they mean to you.

13. Donate to a charity/church in a friend’s name— pick one they would pick.

14. Offer to bring an elderly person to church.

15. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with for a long time – just to catch up.

16. Make plates of cookies to distribute to neighbors with a note to just say – “You’re a great neighbor.”

17. Sponsor a child through Compassion International at or another agency. Bring your children in on the decision as to which country and child.

18. Learn the names of people you usually walk by at work or businesses you frequent.

19. Drive courteously – while people will never be able to thank you, you will help make the world a safer place.

20. Compliment your spouse at least once a day.

21. Pick up trash in your neighborhood, park or anywhere you walk

22. Let someone check out before you at the store.

23. Leave an unused coupon next to that item in a store or leave the coupon at the checkout. 

24. Run an errand for someone.

25. Stay calm and patient all day with everyone.

26. Smile at 5 strangers—make sure the smile reaches your eyes.

27. Volunteer to bring Thanksgiving dinner over to a friend or family that you know could use the help.

28. If you are an Amazon customer, donate to charity through Amazon Smile.

29. Give someone your favorite book

30. Take cookies/brownies to your local fire department.

31. Send kindness text messages to make someone’s day a little happier.

32. Every night before bed, have a family discussion about the things you are all thankful for that day. Make a list to share at the end of the month.

33. Donate first aid kits and socks to shelters.

34. Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter.

35. Chalk “Have a great day” on the driveway of a neighbor.

36. Have handwarmers to hand out to people you see that are in the cold.

37. Take books, coloring books and crayons to the children’s wing of a hospital.

38. Take chicken soup and a get-well card to someone who is sick.

39. Put positive notes in public places.

40. Have a complaint free day and treat everyone with respect.

Add Acts of Kindness that you think of to this list

Let’s work to make Kindness the new norm!!