Faith Formation

Here on Faith Formation you will find our many wonderful series we have put together for you to continue learning about God and the Bible. These series are to help out in our time that we are not able to meet in person for Sunday School due to COVID-19. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you!

Have you ever had questions about how the Earth was created? Or how your favorite animal or even yourself came to be? As we grow we often have many questions to be answered. Join us as we Celebrate Wonder!

Week 1 Session 1

We start our journey by learning about how God created the Earth on day one. Join Sparky and his friend Miss Kelly!

Here ye! Here ye! Let’s join the Knights of the North Castle at the roundtable to hear stories about Jesus and the armor of the Bible. We’ll meet new friends and find out why the castle is covered in snow and ice as we continue to wait for COVID-19 to end so we can join in fellowship together in person once again. Now join us for the quest of the King’s armor!

An end with a new beginning

Here ye! Here ye! We have arrived at the end of our time at North Castle, but don’t fret! For there is a surprise in store as we enter our new chapter.

Week 4 Session 4

Here ye! Here ye! The final week of Knights of North Castle has arrived. Learn about the escape of Paul and Silas and the Helmet of Salvation. Now, let’s get started and meet a new friend as well as rock out to the music!

Week 3 Session 3

Here ye! Here ye! Let’s learn the story of how Jesus walks on water and the shield of faith. Gather around the knights table!

Week 2 Session 2

Get ready to gather around the table for the second video of Knights of North Castle. This week we’ll learn about the Breastplate of Justice and learn a new song. Let’s go!

Week 1 Session 1

Here’s the first video where we get to meet Sparky the dragon and learn the story of Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego.

We hope to see you again next week here at the round table!