Our journey as Christians begins as life begins and at Laurel we are here to celebrate and lift up our children to the Lord. Please share with us the good news of your little one’s arrival.

Contact the church office to make arrangements for any of these spiritual celebrations, 217-525-1866 or email at info@laurelumchurch.org.

Cradle Care

Laurel United Methodist rejoices over each birth and welcomes them with a special gift from their Laurel family. In addition, a yellow rose bud is placed on the altar. Be sure to let us know when your little one arrives so we can prepare for their visit to church.


Baptism is the beginning of a lifelong faith journey. The United Methodist tradition holds that everyone has received prevenient grace, which means that everyone has God’s grace. Baptism of an individual is the response to God’s grace. Thus, anyone may be baptized, including infants. Because of this covenant with God, baptism is forever and is not repeated.

Acolyte Program

Children grades 2-6 are invited to serve as acolytes and be “bearers of the Light.” When acolytes bring light into the sanctuary to light the altar candles, they are reminding us that God is with us. If your child would like to become an acolyte, contact Joann Overholt at 217-525-1866 or joverholt@laurelumchurch.org to arrange training.

Third Grade Bibles

Bibles are presented to all third graders each fall to aid in their Christian education. Their Sunday School classes will emphasize Bible skills and children are encouraged to bring and use their Bible each Sunday.