Our childrens' journey as Christians continues as they become young adults. At Laurel we are here to help them grow their relationship with the Lord. 

Contact the church office to be a part of these spiritual celebrations, 217-525-1866 or email at info@laurelumchurch.org.

Acolyte Program

Children grades 2-6 are invited to serve as acolytes and be “bearers of the Light.” When acolytes bring light into the sanctuary to light the altar candles, they are reminding us that God is with us. If your child would like to become an acolyte, contact Joann Overholt at 217-525-1866 or joverholt@laurelumchurch.org to arrange training.

Young Disciples Confirmation Class

7th-10th graders who have not become full members of Laurel United Methodist Church explore the meaning and inspiration behind the Bible stories they have been taught as a child, leading them on a path to spiritual growth. They also will develop socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. As they identify their individual strengths, they will seek ways to foster them and apply them within their community.

The class begins in the fall and meets weekly for approximately 5 weeks. It is led by the Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries and The Pastor.