Laurel supports those who face physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges through our Caring Ministries.

Let us know if we can support you with prayers or a personal contact. Use the confidential form, or call 217-525-1866. Your privacy will be respected.

Prayer Team

Prayer is powerful. Laurel’s Prayer Ministry Team harnesses that power, praying for the joys and concerns of our Laurel family, their loved ones and friends. Let our prayer team celebrate with and support you.

Parishioner Visits

Laurel cares for those who are hospitalized or unable to leave their residence. Our pastor and lay members visit to pray, express the love of the community, and serve as needed.

The Caring Ministry Team also connects with confined parishioners a few times a year with special gestures (e.g. summer flowers!) with the hopes they will brighten the day and remind them of the love of their Laurel church family.

If you are admitted to a hospital or a long-term care facility, please inform us and/or name Laurel United Methodist Church as your church home so we can visit and pray for you. Privacy laws prevent facilities from disclosing patient or resident names, unless you give permission.

Call 217-525-1866 or use the form to inquire about a parishioner visit or to report a hospital or long-term care admission.

Cards of Caring

Cards of Caring participants create greeting cards to celebrate with, mourn with, and support Laurel family members on special occasions and on tough ones.

Click here for information about Cards of Caring.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a lay ministry of one-on-one caring provided by trained persons. More than 80 Stephen Ministers and leaders received extensive training at Laurel since the program's inception in 1988. Currently, 11 ministers and three leaders are actively serving our church and community. This Christian listening ministry provides support and encouragement.

If requested during a time of need, an assigned Stephen Minister will meet one-to-one with a care receiver of the same gender to show their christian care through listening, supporting, encouraging, and prayer. Confidentiality is maintained in each meeting with your Stephen Minister. These meetings continue on a regular basis for as long as the care receiver benefits from the relationship.

It is the Stephen Ministers goal to bring God’s love and healing power to those who are:

  • Grieving
  • In crisis
  • In need of long-term care
  • Dying
  • Hospitalized
  • Divorcing
  • Experiencing losses as they age
  • Going through the crisis of a child birth
  • The family and friends of people in crisis

Stephen Ministry is Christ caring for people through people. Stephen Ministers are the caregivers, God is the cure giver.

Sharing the News

Do you have news that you would like to share with the congregation? A joyous occasion, or a status update on a loved one? Submit the information and the staff will share it with the appropriate people.