For generations, the Laurel United Methodist community has supported many missions, locally, regionally, and globally.

Diaper Depot

baby fold mother and childDiaper Depot is a ministry that collects and distributes diapers to support community members in need. Volunteers organize the donations, plan pick-up events, and hand out diapers.

LUMC Diaper Depot is working hard to ensure the children of this community have diapers when in need. These Diaper Drives are made possible with your donations. We are currently collecting money, Target Gift Cards, and wipes. If you would like to purchase diapers check out our registry below, one box of diapers purchased from the registry can assist approximately 6 children. 

Donate to LUMC Diaper Depot Target Registry

Baby Fold Camp

The tie between Baby Fold Camp and Laurel has run strong for over 3 decades.

baby fold mother and childBaby Fold, founded in 1902, offers a variety of programs that prevent neglect, offer therapy, and education to children and families who face exceptional challenges. Each year 45 of their children with severe emotional disorders are given the opportunity to attend Baby Fold Camp at Lake Bloomington. Some may struggle with managing conflict and forming relationships. Most have trouble with their behavior and may express this by physically or verbally acting out, which often-times prevents them from attending traditional camps.

Being a camp counselor provides teens an opportunity to follow God’s call by showing love and support to these children through a variety of planned activities. Since 1992, Laurel has sent over 100 of our teens to serve as youth counselors at Baby Fold Camp, and the youth at Laurel have raised over $40,000 to help offset camp expenses.

Compass for Kids Youth Leadership Development Program

group of people in front of newly built homeCompass for Kids Youth Leadership Development Program for middle and high school students. This after-school program is for students who were previously part of Club Compass as elementary students. The overall goal is to make sure these students are prepared to fulfill their dreams when they graduate from high school.  

Students in 7th – 10th grades come to Laurel weekly where they are treated to a snack when they arrive and a family-style meal before they leave. The program follows a curriculum related to social and emotional learning that is a foundation of all Club Compass after-school programs. Students also learn about career opportunities, resume writing, life and job skills, and service learning. Members of Laurel help in a variety of ways, such as providing a family-style meal and donating snacks.

Habitat for Humanity

group of people in front of newly built homeHabitat for Humanity partners with people in our community, and all over the world, to help them build or improve a place they can call home. Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage enabling Habitat homeowners to achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and for their families.

For over 20 years, Laurel Youth has been organizing Habitat for Humanity trips for our high school youths to learn first hand the power of helping others and experiencing other communities. We have had nearly 300 youths chaperoned by over 100 adults actively participate in the building of Habitat homes in Indiana, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Arkansas.

Midwest Missions

midwest missions group of childrenA local organization started by Rev. Jack Travelstead, Midwest Missions provides humanitarian relief by distributing kits, resources and supplies in response to disasters.

Recipients of Special Mission Giving

American Cancer Society, Asbury’s Children’s Supper Hour, Baby Fold, Books for South Africa, Boy Scout Troop 36, Butler School Mentoring/Tutoring, Contact Ministries, CROP Walk, Cunningham Children’s Home, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministries, First Day Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Haiti/Alain Rocourt Endowment Fund, Heifer International, Helping Hands, Kumler Outreach Ministries, Imagine No Malaria, Laurel Scholarship Program, Liberia Pastoral Support, Liberia Sanitation Project, McFarland Mental Health Center, Midwest Mission Distribution Center, Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery, Native American Ministries, One Great Hour of Sharing, Peoria’s Dress for Success, Project Schoolroom, Ronald McDonald’s House, S.A.R.A. Center, Sojourn House, St. John’s Basket of Hope, St. John’s Breadline, St. Patrick’s Grade School, Third Age Living, Tornado Relief, UMCOR/Tsunami Relief, United Methodist Student’s Day, Urban Gardening Project, Washington Street Mission, World Service & Benevolence