As members of Laurel United Methodist Church we hope to be a part of such momentous occasions in your spiritual journey.


The joining of two individuals as they commit to sharing their lives is more than a special, joyous occasion; they are entering into a covenant with God, committing to grow in their Christian faith together. We welcome United Methodist members to plan their special day in our beautiful, light-filled sanctuary, and to be guided by our Pastor.

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Baptism is a sacrament in the United Methodist church that initiates people into the faith community and into a covenant relationship with God and God's people. It is the beginning of a lifelong faith journey as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The United Methodist tradition holds that everyone has received prevenient grace — grace that we are all born with. Baptism of an individual is the response to God’s grace. Thus, anyone may be baptized, including infants. Because of this covenant with God, baptism is forever and is not repeated.

Young Disciples Confirmation Class

United Methodists use the term confirmation to mark the first time a baptized Christian publicly confirms their intention to live the vows of the baptismal and membership covenant and so becomes a professing member of the local congregation and The United Methodist Church.

Laurel’s Young Disciples class prepares seventh to tenth graders to become full members of the Laurel United Methodist Church, and of the Laurel congregation. It explores the meaning and inspiration behind the Bible stories they have been taught as a child, leading them on a path to spiritual growth while they develop socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

As they identify their strengths, they will seek ways to foster them and apply them within their community.

The class meets for about five weeks in the fall and is led by our Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries and our Pastor.


Although our faith tells us that we will all be united with God and will experience everlasting peace, the passing of a loved one is never easy. In addition to a pastor conducting the service and providing spiritual consolation, Laurel Members can count on our community during this difficult time. We offer fellowship within our building and, of course, the support of our prayer team.