Sunday School led by Arlan Juhl

Seekers Class is a group of diverse adults who share a common interest in studying the Bible and discussing the Christian message of the Scriptures. They strive to support mission outreach, the needs of the church, the individual members of the class and the Laurel family.

Meets weekly in person at Laurel at 9:30am, Sunday and simultaneously on Zoom


Sunday School led by Walt Lynn

Discovery Class has a diverse age demographic of fun-loving adults focused on faith building and connection.

Meets weekly in person at Laurel at 9:30am, Sunday

Questions of Faith

Sunday School led by Burma Jones

Questions of Faith provides an environment for exploring contemporary, progressive Christian thought. It is affiliated with the United Methodist Reconciling Ministries Network as a reconciling community where all of God's children are welcome.

Meets weekly in person at Laurel at 9:30am, Sunday

Cornerstone of Faith

Sunday School led by Revs. Craig and Kathy Sweet

Cornerstone of Faith is currently studying the Gospel of Mark.

Meets weekly in-person at Laurel at 9:30am, Sunday.

Embracing the Questions

First In-depth Study led by Jack and Mavis Shook

Current study: Freeing Jesus By Diana Butler Bass

Meets weekly at 7:00pm, Wednesday

Second In-depth Study led by Bill Sherman

This group focuses on fellowship and discussion. Our first study will be a book entitled "The Way of Abundance: Economic Justice in Scripture and Society" by Edith Rasell, which examines Old and New Testament teachings on economic justice in the context of the ancient economic systems. The author attempts to apply this economic justice model to justice seekers today. This topic will be addressed for 6-8 weeks. Attendees will be responsible for finding their own copy of the book.

Beginning September 5, 2023. Meets weekly Tuesdays from 9:30-11:00am at the church.

Pastor’s Bible Study

In-depth Study led by Pastor Kent Lolling

Each season the Pastor prepares a sermon series from which he poses specific questions for exploration and in-depth discussion.

Meets weekly via Zoom at 6:45am, Tuesdays and at 6:00pm, Wednesdays.

Contact the church or email Pastor Kent at for details and a Zoom link.

Click here to download the 2024 Lenten Sermon Series.


In-depth Study led by Rev. Jerry King

Pathfinders consists of men and women from Laurel and beyond who are interested in current trends in Christian theology and Biblical Studies. Currently studying: "Freeing Jesus" by Diana Butler Bass.

Meets weekly in person at 7:00pm, Wednesday

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